Tips for Buying From a Forklift Dealer

Anytime a business owner buys used equipment, they risk ending up with a lemon. However, if the buyer is careful when visiting a Forklift dealer, they can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars. In this brief guide, business owners can learn how to save during the forklift shopping process.

Know What’s Needed

When buying a forklift, whether it’s used or new, the buyer should know what the company needs in terms of maximum lift weight and height, as well as the forklift’s width and height limits. Buyers should consider the current and future needs of the business, and find a forklift that can adapt to changing requirements.

Buy From a Reliable Dealer

Although it’s possible to buy forklifts from companies that are going out of business or upgrading their fleets, it’s best to buy equipment from dealers specializing in forklift sales. Dealers thoroughly inspect each piece of equipment and make repairs where necessary. An honest forklift dealer will offer a warranty on its equipment, so the buyer has peace of mind in the event of a sudden breakdown.

Focus on Condition

Although most business owners believe that newer equipment is always better, when evaluating used forklifts, the buyer’s main consideration should be the condition of the machine. An older forklift that’s been used gently is better than a newer one with more operating hours. Before buying, inspect the forklift carefully—and base purchase decisions on condition rather than age.

Ask About the Forklift’s History

During the buying process, ask the dealer about the history of a potential forklift. While some lifts may be trade-ins from businesses who’ve bought new ones, dealers may attempt to liquidate old rental models as well. While it can be good to buy a former rental lift, it all depends on the lift’s prior usage and current condition.

Forklifts are a very useful part of a warehousing or construction business, and it’s important to consider a variety of criteria when making a purchase from a forklift dealer. By inspecting each forklift and knowing the machine’s history, a buyer can find a reliable lift that fits the company’s needs.